The Creator Returns

Volume 1
Release Date: Feb. 17, 2017
Armageddon Story; Judgment, Interrupted series
Armageddon Story-Reconnaissance, The Creator Returns, by Craige McMillan. ©Cover 2016 FROM THE BACK COVER: A mysterious streak of light cuts through the sky. Those it touches see the past and the future together, but the memory soon fades. The American military investigates, but finds nothing.

Archeil, a Native-American in Alaska, feels the light cut through him. Now the sun sets to the north of where it belongs. He consults a tribal elder, but the man won't tell Archeil the light's identity.

A mother and her young daughter miraculously escape the great Los Angeles earthquake. Now they both know the secret: The light isn't something…it's someone.

The world is under observation, but to what end? The pope with a dark secret suddenly has a vision that will forever change the world—but how to accomplish it? A reprobate Colorado pastor whose family died in his place is running from God. Can he escape the Holy Father's vision of a new world?

Reconnaissance takes you on both sides of the veil of eternity.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Armageddon Story; Judgment Interrupted takes you on a rollercoaster ride across both the natural and supernatural kingdoms of death and eternity. The Creator is drawn to human wrecks to accomplish his purposes at the end of the age.

AUTHOR BIO (BACK COVER): Craige McMillan is an American novelist raised in the Midwest. He attended college in California. His life has been shaped by work in the intelligence world overseas, computer technology in America, and his love of writing. He lives with his wife in the high desert country of Central Oregon.
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ISBN 978-1-946047-00-7 (Paperback) ISBN 978-1-946047-01-4 (eBook)
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Irresistible Press
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